• Cleveland, Ohio—April 17, 2019 – Keene Family of Companies is proud to announce and welcome three Divisional Managers across three companies: Keene Building Products, Continental Products and Rio Flooring Systems.

    Eric Horstman joins Keene Building Products as a Division Manager, focusing on the waterproofing product line. Horstman holds an extensive background in global business development and sales leadership. His accomplishments have proven profitability and market growth in the complex building envelope industry. Horstman will make an exciting contribution to the growing innovation at Keene. 

    Continental Products welcomes Guy Braun as the Division Manager of Industrial Coatings & Branded Products. Braun’s skills in sales management, product development, and product training will allow Continental to continue its growth in the coatings industry. A majority of Braun’s career has been focused on this specific industry, making him extremely knowledgeable in market development and customer loyalty.

    The newest company to the Keene Family of Companies: Rio Flooring Systems, welcomes Aaron Youngworth as Division Manager. Youngworth joins Rio with over fifteen years of floor coatings experience. Youngworth is unique in that he started his career as a lead epoxy flooring contractor and worked his way up to project management. This allowed Youngworth to learn floor preparation, product mixing, and installation. Youngworth’s product and industry knowledge will make him an important team member to Rio.

    Keene Building Products is an American manufacturer of 3-dimensional products for the building envelope, noise control, and roofing markets. Continental Products is a paint and coatings manufacturing company offering a wide range of product finishes and specialty paints for the industrial, greenhouse, and wood coatings markets. Rio Flooring Systems offers a wide range of the best fluid-applied concrete floor and wall coatings available today including epoxy and urethane flooring systems, cementitious urethane and epoxy mortar systems, polyaspartic urethane systems methylmethacrylate (MMA) systems and wall systems tailored specifically for your facility needs.

    For further information call 877.514.5336, email at info@keenebuilding.com, or visit website keenebuilding.com.

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