Keene Building Products is thrilled to announce an intake vent to help attic ventilation in roof systems. There is no need to spend time fixing or replacing soffit vents with Keene’s VIPER INTAKE VENT™, a patented, lightweight intake/mid-ridge vent developed and manufactured by Keene Building Products™, it takes the hassle out of the process while saving time and money. It is designed to work in conjunction with the full spectrum of roofing materials where the roof pitch ranges from 3:12 to 18:12. VIPER INTAKE VENT delivers superior performance while providing the best in class visual aesthetic. 


    VIPER INTAKE VENT is the fastest and easiest way to increase intake ventilation in your roof assembly, far superior to soffit ventilation. Now homes and buildings that were designed with no eves or soffit vents can have proper attic ventilation all while keeping the roofers on the roof.    


    It is different than other products on the market, not only because of its patented entangled net core that's unique to Keene, but it incorporates a non-woven filter that is manufactured with UV resistant extra-thick fibers - 40% thicker than the industry standard. This allows VIPER INTAKE VENT to provide superior airflow over its lifetime while continuing to inhibit water and dust penetrationunlike thinner fabrics that become clogged resulting in poor performance. 


    When used as a system with the VIPER RIDGE VENT, the VIPER VENT Roof System provides an industry-leading net free vent area (NFVA). The VIPER VENT Roof System is manufactured with a one of a kind double-density edge. This Keene exclusive feature allows VIPER VENT to provide superior strength and rigidity, ensuring its ability to maintain a sleek finished look that makes it virtually invisible. There are no other systems like it on the market.  


    Keene Building Products is an American manufacturer of 3-dimensional products for the building envelope, roofing, and noise control markets. 


    For further information call 877.514.5336, email at info@keenebuilding.com, or visit the website: keenebuilding.com.