• June 11, 2012

    To: All Keene Building Products Customers

    From: Jim Keene

    Recently, a Keene Building Product’s competitor, Mortar Net, filed a trademark infringement complaint against Keene. In an unusual move, Mortar Net chose to advertise its complaint to customers and the public at large. Accordingly, Keene is obligated to set the record straight.

    Mortar Net claims that Keene’s forthcoming KEENESTONE™ Cut product infringes certain trademark rights held by Mortar Net. Keene has taken the position that Mortar Net’s allegations are completely groundless because, just like when a big name drug patent expires, the expired patent for a “keystone” or “dovetail” design may now be used by the entire industry. No amount of baseless intimidation will prevent Keene from its commitment to bringing the best products to its customers at the lowest prices.

    Keene intends to provide its functional KEENESTONE™ Cut mortar collection and drainage product to its customers at around half the price of the competing Mortar Net product. We see this litigation as a simple attempt at bullying us. Mortar Net wants to stop us from using its previously patented design so it can continue to charge higher prices for a functional design that anyone can use – the “keystone” or “dovetail” design.

    As a company, we pride ourselves on innovation and competitive pricing. We hold patents related to our RAINSCREEN, sound control and mortar collection products and many of you use our excellent DRIWALL™ products on a regular basis. Keene has always brought these products at the reasonable prices the masonry industry depends on. We are confident you will be just as pleased with our forthcoming KEENESTONE™ Cut mortar collection and drainage product.

    At Keene, we are dedicated to doing business fairly and honestly, the same way we have since we started. We didn’t violate any trademark and we didn’t make any money we weren’t allowed to. We have a duty to defend our reputation and the reputation of all the hard working people at Keene who make it their mission to make walls function well and floors less noisy.

    No one likes getting sued, but we won’t be pushed around so someone else can charge more. If someone has to fight, it might as well be us.

    Sounds like another KEENE IDEA!

    For more information, or if you have any questions, please call toll free (877) 514-5336, or e-mail us at info@keenebuilding.com.

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