• KEENE BUILDING PRODUCTS has received another patent. The SOUND CONTROL MAT Patent adds to a growing list of patents and pending applications for entangled net technology.

    “This invention relates to a sound control mat, comprising: a resilient layer of extruded polymer monofilaments, the polymer monofilaments being heat welded at junctions to form a matrix of tangled monofilaments, the resilient layer having a machine direction, a cross-direction, a first side and a second side, the resilient layer comprising a plurality of waves forming a repeating pattern of peaks and valleys, the waves extending in the machine direction and the cross-direction, the average ratio of the width of the waves, as measured in the cross-direction, to the length of the waves, as measured in the machine direction, being at least about 2:1; and a fiberglass scrim overlying the second side of the resilient layer, the scrim comprising a plurality of fiberglass strands, the resilient layer being heat welded to the fiberglass scrim.

    This invention also relates to a floor assembly, comprising: a sub-flooring layer; a top-flooring layer overlying the sub-flooring layer; and the above-indicated sound control mat positioned between the sub-flooring layer and the top-flooring layer, the resilient layer contacting the sub-flooring layer, the scrim contacting the top-flooring layer.”

    Inventor: James R. Keene, Pepper Pike, OH (US)
    Assignee: Keene Building Products Co., Inc.,
    Mayfield Heights, OH (US)

    Patent No.: US 8,528,286 B2
    Date of Patent: Sept. 10, 2013
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