We understand your desire to have high performance products at the right cost. At KEENE, we provide innovative solutions to common construction issues at the most competitive cost points in the industry.

Our goals at KEENE are simple. We strive to provide high performance product at a competitive price. To accomplish this we will continually innovate to develop new processes and products that improve a building’s performance today and in the future.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Sure walls and floors can be noise proof, but how do we efficiently reduce sound at cost that doesn’t affect a project’s bottom line? Of course a wall can be designed to perform perfectly, but how with limited resources, can I assure that my wall and roof system work? We consider these points from your perspective, and believe that we have the solutions. We’ve developed noise control systems for flooring that installs in less than one inch. We’ve developed a moisture control product that works behind every type of traditional siding.

We listen.