Keene for architects

We understand your desire to assure performance on the projects you work on. At KEENE, we provide the highest-quality products in noise control and building envelope applications.

Assuring performance is an important goal for each architect. At KEENE, we understand this desire and we provide the highest-quality products in noise and building envelope applications.

Exceeding Expectations

Need to comply with a noise standard? KEENE has over 600 tested assemblies that meet or exceed code for impact and airborne noise. We’ve developed what everyone wants in multi-family noise – high performance in a low profile, or code compliance with less than an inch added to an assembly.

Built to Last

Want to ensure that a wall, roof or foundation will last? KEENE moisture control products are part of a system that will help provide the highest quality design for ventilation and drainage. Driwall™ Rainscreen meets the codes for all of North America while allowing one product for many siding alternatives.