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Upgrade your Underlayment

Platform Performance Cements is a manufacturer that provides performance driven underlayments and concrete repair products with a new advanced technology, Synthecem™.

Working from a baseline of European technologies, Synthecem products utilize a proprietary blend of carefully controlled cements and chemical admixtures. Synthecem enabled products offer superior dimensional stability, bond, self-leveling and smoothing characteristics.

Years of market experience and product development with calcium aluminate and gypsum based underlayments demonstrate consistent failure modes and vulnerabilities with these technologies. Excessive shrinkage, a lack of volume stability, compromised surface integrity, inconsistent compressive strengths, and weak bond strengths are primary examples of such failure modes. Synthecem products were engineered to address these issues and provide robust installations over substrates without always requiring mechanical preparation.

Clean, prime and pour with Synthecem enabled products generates flat, smooth and hard surfaces suitable for all finished flooring. 

Experience the future of substrate preparation with Synthecem enabled products today from Platform Performance Cements.

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