• Water Crest Condominiums

    Water Crest Condominiums

    Lake Monona, Madison, WI

    QQ Step Soft™ 3mm

    Quiet Qurl®

    RC Assurance™

    Space Assurance™

    Located along the eastern side of Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin, Water Crest provides an equilibrium between metropolitan living & adventurous lakeside living. Water Crest is a fabulous five story condominium with a total of 40 homes which include large private balconies & an outdoor terrace with incredible views of the Lake & the cityscape of Madison. In walking distance you have the beauty of botanical gardens, parks, golf courses, a pier & of course lakeside activities.

    But you don’t have to go too far to enjoy comfort living. Water Crest is filled with amenities such as gourmet kitchens, choices of hardwoods, granite countertops, ceramic tiling, stainless steel appliances, security system, terraces, 9-foot ceilings, & Quiet Living.

    With the help of Keene Building Products, Water Crest provides Quiet Living in each of the 40 homes. From ceiling to floor, Keene has provided noise free living through an assembly that begins with the ceiling. With 22“ open web trusses, RC Assurance clips were installed on RC Deluxe resilient channels to provide protection against acoustical short circuits, which would reduce the resiliency & performance of the resilient channel. Space Assurance was used to seal the gap along the ceiling, which eliminates some of the most common flanking paths for noise. The flooring system consisted of OSB, Quiet Qurl sound control mat, & gypsum concrete poured directly on top of the sound mat. The next layer for the assembly was QQ Step Soft 3mm, a 100% recycled acoustical underlayment used directly under ceramic tile or engineered wood. With this complete Noise system from Keene, residents at Water Crest can enjoy the peacefulness of sounds they actually want to hear. No more noisy neighbors from above.

    Ceiling at Water Crest Condominiums

    Noise Control Solution: RC Assurance Clip for Resilient Channels

    RC Assurance is a clip designed for resilient channels. The product acts as an impenetrable washer that puts extra space between the channel and the joist. The snap on clip works with any resilient channel but is specifically designed for use with RC Deluxe. Developed a number of decades ago, resilient channels are a staple in the multi-family industry. The resilient channel needs another 0.375” to assure that connections are limited between the gypsum board and the joist assembly. RC Assurance™ provides that space.

    Noise Control Solution: Space Assuarance

    Space Assurance is a flexible, flame resistant polyester fabric used as a fastener line, virtually assuring the proper detail between the wall & ceiling & eliminating one of the most common paths for noise flanking in multi-family construction. The first step in ceiling installation is to install Space Assurance around the ceiling of every room. Ceiling elements butt against the Space Assurance with the bottom half used to separate the ceiling drywall from the wall board. The excess is cut off.

    Space Assuarance installation

    Noise Control Solution: QQ Step Soft 3mm

    Quiet Qurl is a sound control mat designed to limit impact noise between floors. It is produced from an extruded polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments. The monofilaments are heat welded at the junctions to form a resilient structure that absorbs noise when sandwiched in a ‘Mass/Spring/Mass’ building design.

    QQ Step Soft 3mm is a sound deadening product designed for use with an overall Quiet Qurl system (products from above) where hard surface flooring will be used. It is the perfect product to recommend as a means to suppress cracks in tile applications while controlling impact noise, especially at the high frequencies. The recycled rubber mat is an excellent way to earn LEED credits since its composition is 100% recycled rubber. This strong, resilient material provides the stiffness for tile directly set on top while creating the spring effect to control vibration noise.

    QQ Step Soft 3mm sound deadening product

    Using the complete floor & ceiling impact & airborne noise control system from Keene Building Products can get the sound results you require. From LEED’s credit, great sound results, noise free living, everyone is happy.

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