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    In the town of Roxbury, CT, a new residential home was taking shape. The contractor wanted to provide a home that was energy efficient, while aesthetically pleasing. The new home was going to have vertical pine siding, and a cedar shingled roof. Though, some issues were raised about how to properly drain, and ventilate the siding, as well as the roof.

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    Moisture Protection Solution: Driwall Rainscreen 020-1

    The contractor was concerned about potential drainage problems that were related to incidental moisture penetration in the pine siding, which would lead to cupping, or warping. Also, properly ventilating the siding was something that the contractor was concerned with. A solution presented itself and a decision was made to incorporate Keene Building Product’s Driwall Rainscreen 020-1. This quarter-inch drainage mat would solve any potential problems that were related to moisture. It provided a space so that any moisture that gets behind the siding can properly drain to the exterior. Each roll of Driwall Rainscreen contains 260 square feet. Also, each roll is equipped with a three and a half inch fabric overhang, which would fold behind the Rainscreen at the bottom of the wall, and provide a bug/leaf screen. In conjunction with that, the airspace provided by the Driwall Rainscreen, will allow the siding to ventilate. This is a key aspect for the longevity of the siding.

    Moisture Protection Solution: Driwall CDR Vent

    Moisture Protection Solution: Driwall CDR Vent

    The next issue that needed to be resolved was how to properly drain and ventilate the cedar roof. Again, the contractor was concerned with this potential problem. The solution to this issue is another Keene product called, CDR Vent. It provides an airspace to properly drain, but more importantly ventilate the cedar shingles. By using the CDR Vent, some problems can be avoided, like cupping, and warping of the shingles due to moisture and no ventilation. This lightweight, and easy to handle product provides a little over a quarter-inch of airspace to eliminate moisture, and moisture vapor underneath the cedar shingles. The CDR Vent is absolutely crucial to sustain the life and look of the cedar.

    By including the Driwall Rainscreen and CDR Vent into this new home, the contractor ensured that both the siding and roof could properly drain, and ventilate. The home not only looked amazing, but any concerns over moisture issues were alleviated by the use of the two products.

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