• Quiet Qurl in Largest 2015 Multi-Family Project


    Irvine, CA

    Quiet Qurl® 55/025 MC

    Keene Quiet Qurl is proud to be a part of the #1 Largest 2015 Multi-Family Project!


    With the demand for living space in California, a developer group for a new apartment being built in Irvine, CA wanted to make sure that their latest project would stick out from the rest of the competition. They stopped at nothing to make sure the tenants had the best of the best available to them. The apartment complex offers 989 studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. Each room equipped with stainless steel appliances, full size in home washer and dryer, a private balcony, Quartz stone kicthen and bathroom countertops, central heating and air conditioning, and walk in closets in every bedroom!

    It doesn’t stop there either! Take a walk around the complex and explore the vast amount of amenities it has to offer. With three saltwater pools, four spas, a cardio theater fitness center, a private on-site car wash, outdoor dinning courtyards, and a dry cleaning drop off and pick up, it doesn’t get much better than that!

    With over 800,000 square feet and tenant population well into the thousands, there is a lot of potential for noise to occur in between floors. With that being said, the developer decided to add Keene Building Products’ Quiet Qurl 55/025 MC into the plans.

    Quiet Qurl 55/025 MC is an entangled net acoustical mat that helps bolster an assembly’s ability to limit the sound that can pass from the floor of one apartment unit to the ceiling of another located below. Essentially providing a “floating floor” system. The Quiet Qurl product acts as the spring in a mass-spring-mass approach of noise control. In this approach vibration waves cannot effectively pass through an assembly due to the airspace created between the underlayment and the subfloor, resulting in a quieter living space for the resident below.

    By adding Quiet Qurl to the building, it essentially eliminated any noise related issues! Along with all of the other benefits this apartment complex offers, the tenants can now add quiet living space to the list!