• HOTEL with QQ Step Soft


    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    QQ Step Soft™ 4mm


    Being one of the most diverse cities in Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, has quickly become an extremely popular tourist destination. With the scenic views, mild climate, and urban atmosphere who wouldn’t want to plan a trip? When tourists come ooding the city, there is one important question that comes to mind: where will you stay? One luxurious urban hotel in Downtown Vancouver is your answer! 

    Located on West Georgia Street in Downtown Vancouver, you’re in the center of it all! Walk a few blocks for miles of shopping, ne dining, and unlimited entertainment. 

    Or stay in the hotel and enjoy the luxury spa, heated indoor pool, outdoor relaxing jacuzzi, state of the art tness center, award winning restaurant, and much more! 


    Taking care of the guests of the hotel and meeting all of their wants and needs is always the main concern. With the hotel standing 616 feet tall, with 69 stories there is one very important amenity that needed to be taken care of: Noise Control. When staying at a hotel, the last thing you want is to hear your neighbor stomping around upstairs or music blasting through the oor, you want to enjoy peace and quiet. Which is why a decision was made to incorporate Keene Building Products’ QQ Step Soft 4 mm into the oors of each room. Using this product will provide a noise free environment for all guests. 

    QQ Step Soft is a recycled rubber ooring underlayment for sound isolation and impact noise control, which ranges in 2 mm to 10 mm. The rubber material provides a resilient layer within the ooring assembly for reducing vibration noise. QQ Step Soft is a critical component in meeting International Building Code requirements for ceiling/ oor noise reduction performance. In this case, the QQ Step Soft was installed under wood ooring offering many bene ts such as: effective impact noise reduction, low odor, long lasting, and is environmentally friendly!

    Sounds good doesn’t it? 

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