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    San Diego, CA

    Quiet Qurl® 60/040 RF MT


    San Diego is a town best known for it’s sandy beaches, breathtaking coastline, and year round beautiful weather. Given the opportunity who wouldn’t want to live there? Well the people have spoken, and demand for living space is at an all time high. Multifamily projects are seemingly popping up left and right and still the demand continues to rise. With so much competition around, how can a developer distinguish their property versus the many alternatives around?

    In the case of the apartment project in San Diego, the development group seemingly stopped at nothing to make sure their tenants had all the top-notch amenities available to them. A grand pool with barbeque area, several lounges, a dedicated kid’s clubhouse, and even a yoga studio are just some of the highlights of the amenities offered. 

    With a total unit count of over 2,100, there is a huge population of renters and condo owners to keep happy. With this in mind the design team made sure to turn a critical eye to maybe the most important amenity of all; Noise Control. In such a condensed living space with a population well into the thousands, noise is sure to be a chief concern of current and potential renters. This is where Keene Building Products’ Quiet Qurl 60/040 RF MT was used to help mitigate this issue.

    Quiet Qurl 60/040 RF MT is a 3/8” entangled net sound mat used in conjunction with a gypsum cement floor topping to help limit the amount of impact and airborne noise that is able to pass through a unit’s floor/ceiling assembly. Quiet Qurl 60/040 RF MT is not your average sound mat as it is equipped with two proprietary technologies to help improve the performance of the floor. RF stands for Reinforced Fabric that not only provides the spacing needed to limit impact noise, but also adds additional strength the concrete topping. MT stands for Muffling Technology layer, where it and significantly boosts the acoustical performance of the system by the addition of a highly compressible layer of fabric further “muffling” the impact noise that is able to pass from a floor to the ceiling below.

    One thing that was clear from the start, the development team knew it was important to build a community with the tenants’ best interest in mind. Not only were they committed to make the community pleasing to the eye, through carefully selected product choices they were able to make it pleasing to the ear as well!

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