A Sound Isolating Clip for Any RC-1 Channel 


100 Part #: 01-X-0136

200 Part #: 01-X-0109

Cylent Assurance™ Clip is a patented, resilient channel vibration isolation clip. It has been engineered to significantly reduce low frequency noise transfer in ceiling/wall assemblies used in modern multi-family construction. Cylent Assurance Clip was developed and being marketed exclusively by Keene Building Products.

Cylent Assurance Clip is specifically engineered to work with any type of resilient channel. All other vibration isolation clips available on the market today are limited in their application, since they typically only work with “Hat” type resilient channel. Only Keene’s Cylent Assurance Clip vibration isolation clip can work with any type of standard resilient channel, including RC-1 channel.

Architectural Records Best Architectural Products of 2019


  • Single and multi-family construction
  • Tested ceiling and wall assemblies
  • Designed for use with any RC-1 Channel
  • Wall studs: timber or metal
  • Ceiling joists: I-joist, open web truss, nominal lumber, and metal studs

Features and Benefits

  • Significant increases the IIC and STC ratings of the floor/ceiling and wall assemblies
  • Combined with Quiet Qurl® sound mats, Space Assurance™ gap spacer, and GSL® gypsum underlayment provides a full system approach to acoustical concerns
  • Usable with any standard resilient channel including RC-1
  • Protects against short circuits caused by gypsum board installation errors


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