Thickness 0.50 in./15.24mm

High-Performance Drainage Mat 

Tracing back to the mythological roots of Ancient Greece, TriDent DD earned its name in respect to the Greek god, Poseidon. As the God of the Sea, Poseidon commanded the ocean water to bend to his will by means of his instrument, the Trident. While Poseidon used the Trident as a means to weaponize the sea, he also used it as a tool for forcing the water to achieve his desires. This is what we are doing at KEENE with our TriDent DD. We have manufactured a building material that forces water to do what we want, which is drain through its designated channels. We may not be Poseidon himself, but our Dimple Drain is the most effective tool for draining water since Poseidon wielded his Trident.

TriDent™ DD is a high-performance drainage mat engineered to relieve hydrostatic pressure by creating an exit channel for liquid water. Utilizing a two-layer system, TriDent™ DD provides the user with a high-strength product used for applications in both below-grade foundations and foundation walls. The first layer is  constructed of a high strength, moisture impermeable, cuspated (dimpled) polystyrene sheet designed to provide superior compressive strength. Adhered to the high strength, cuspated polymer base is a nonwoven, polypropylene filter fabric. The filter fabric works in conjunction with the HIPS sheet to promote a high-water flow while preventing silt, dirt, and concrete from penetrating the drainage channel. 



  • Foundations 
  • Commercial planters 
  • Under slab drainage 
  • Green roofs 
  • Plaza decks 

Features and Benefits

  • Drainage of Excess Moisture & Ventilation in One Product
  • Creates an Air Gap Between the Membrane and Foundation Wall
  • Light-Weight & Easy to Handle
  • High Performance Filter Fabric
  • High Strength & Durability


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