Thickness 0.40 Inches / 10.16 mm

Drainage Mat for Eliminating Hydrostatic Pressure

Driwalltm Prefabricated Composite Drain 10/045-2 is a 0.40-inch, square grid geometric patterned core, drainage mat designed to eliminate hydrostatic pressure from behind foundation walls, retaining walls, planters and plaza decks, while providing a protection fabric for the waterproof membrane.

The product is produced from an extruded polymer matrix of tangled monofilaments, which are heat-welded at the junctions to form a resilient structure. This structure utilizes a filter fabric to hold the soil away from the wall and core. A fabric is heat-laminated to the surface on one side so that in one step, aggregate for drainage can be eliminated from a construction site.

On the other side of the drain’s three-dimensional core, a protection fabric is heat-laminated. This fabric will act as a protection course to even the way the drain contacts the membrane on the foundation and in one step, provide drainage and protectionof the waterproof membrane from damage during back fill.


  • Plazas, foundation walls, and planters
  • Shotcrete or gunnite applications
  • Green Roofs
  • Roof Gardens
  • Will protect soft membranes

Features and Benefits

  • Filtration and drainage in one product
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Simple installation with construction adhesive or termination bar
  • Polymer core resistant to most known corrosive chemicals, including solvents
  • Wide rolls for one wrap around the residential foundation
  • No expensive seaming, fastening and termination accessories
  • Made with recycled polymer (see LEEDs brochure for value in credits)


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