• QQ 55025 FT IMAGEKeene Building Products is pleased to announce a faster drying noise control mat. Quiet Qurl FT is a new variation to Keene Building Products’ current Quiet Qurl noise control products for multi-family construction. Quiet Qurl FT is equipped with Keene’s “Fast Tracking” fabric liner. The FT fabric suspends the concrete mixture while expediting the drying time. Quiet Qurl FT can cut down drying times under the right environmental conditions. This occurs because the bottom side is thick enough for air movement while the fabric is open enough to allow bottom drying.


    Quiet Qurl FT provides the same high performance impact noise control for your apartment or condominium, but now can also decrease a projects delivery time at a crucial stage in the construction life cycle. Quiet Qurl FT is available with all Quiet Qurl versions, including Quiet Qurl with MT.


    Keene Building Products’ noise products are designed for multi-family apartments and condominiums to stop impact and airborne noise.

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