• They are all lined up to try to copy the market leader. Rightfully so! KEENE has introduced the game changing “MT” (muffling technology) and enhanced performance of sound mat for an industry in need of enhancement. For years, sound mat in wood frame apartment and condo construction has meant a variation of material thickness and gypsum thickness. Thicker sound mat and thicker gypsum concrete meant higher cost, more weight in construction.

    KEENE changed the game. With the introduction of MT, 0.25” sound mat can perform like 0.75” sound mat. No longer will the thin profile mat pressurize and transmit low frequency sound waves. The MT enhancement moves the bar in mat performance down four octaves and quiets those disturbing low frequencies. Recently, QUIET QURL MT was again tested on the toughest joist type to control noise – 10” nominal lumber joists and performed better than all other 0.25” sound mats in the industry.

    We went head to head with the other brands and came out on top by enhancing the bottom surface. We baffled the cavity with a high loft, sound absorbing fabric.

    The idea behind MT is to create a highly compressive bottom element on a more rigid but resilient entangled net sound mat. The highly compressive fabric presses into the interstices of the larger filament mat to create a cavity that is absorptive of lower frequency sound waves. The compressible fabric adds a little to the resilience of the sound mat and takes between five and 7 decibels off the volume level. That’s a lot!  Now the thin profile mats that barely passed code are performing in the mid 50’s to low 60’s for an IIC level.


    KEENE has changed the face and the bottom of sound mat in multi-family. With its patented moisture control (MC) fabric and patented muffling technology (MT) QUIET QURL is the product of choice for apartment and condo construction.  KEENE has accomplished all this while keeping an eye on what developers worry about most – COST!! We manufacture the products so that the industry can afford higher performance. We add LEEDS credit for recycled content and produce the material centrally in the Midwest to cover a large swath of the country in the 500-mile rule.

    QUIET QURL – the highest performance and the best price from KEENE!

    Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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