• KEENE BUILDING PRODUCTS has received patents on two new ideas for moisture protection.  KEENE has been awarded patents for a Hinged Mortar Collection Device and a Weep Vent with a Wall Drainage Reach.  The two products add to a growing list of patents and pending applications for entangled net technology.  

    The first is a patent for a mortar collection device that is hinged at the bottom to relieve the pressure on the outside of the wall.   The product adds to the DRIWALL MD Collection that includes 1- and 2-inch devices and the new CAV-AIR-ATOR design for full-wall applications.

    The second patent discloses a product that is placed in a horizontal joint under masonry walls and reaches up the base of the wall. The reach allows liquid moisture to drain, while providing a clear path for proper wall ventilation.  KEENE will market this product under the DRIWALL Vent Strip brand to both masonry and stucco markets.

    In addition to the above, KEENE has invested in another eight patent applications for sound and moisture control.

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