• The Impact of Acoustic Design in Multi-Family Living Spaces

    In the bustling world of multi-family living, where residents share walls, floors, and ceilings, the importance of acoustic design cannot be overstated. From noisy footsteps echoing through hallways to the muffled sounds of neighboring units, unwanted noise can disrupt the peace and comfort of apartment dwellers. That's where innovative solutions from Keene Building Products come into play, revolutionizing acoustical design in residential construction.


    The Science of Silence: Understanding Acoustic Design

    Acoustic design goes beyond simply minimizing noise; it's about creating spaces where residents can live, work, and relax without the intrusion of unwanted sounds. Effective acoustic design considers both impact and airborne noise, addressing the unique challenges of multi-family living spaces.


    Keene's Acoustical Systems: Setting a New Standard for Excellence

    Keene Building Products leads the way in acoustical innovation, offering a comprehensive range of solutions designed to reduce both impact and airborne noise transfer. With their pioneering 3-dimensional "entangled net" products, Keene provides architects and contractors with high-performance, low-profile solutions for noise control in residential projects.


    Quiet Qurl: Redefining Noise Control Standards

    At the heart of Keene's acoustical systems lies Quiet Qurl, a revolutionary sound control mat engineered to limit impact noise between floors. With its innovative Muffling Technology (MT), Quiet Qurl boosts performance without added thickness or weight, ensuring superior sound attenuation without compromising on construction profiles or cost.


    Unparalleled Performance, Unmatched Benefits

    Quiet Qurl stands as a testament to Keene's commitment to excellence in noise control. By incorporating high loft fabric into its core, MT technology enhances sound attenuating performance, adding three to five Impact Insulation Class (IIC) points to any application. This patented enhancement allows thinner sound mats to achieve the same performance as thicker counterparts, offering architects and contractors unmatched versatility and reliability.


    Building Better Environments, One Apartment at a Time

    With Keene's acoustical systems, architects and contractors can create multi-family living spaces that prioritize peace and tranquility. By reducing both impact and airborne noise, Keene's solutions contribute to a more comfortable, enjoyable living experience for residents, enhancing property value and marketability in the process.


    Elevate Your Multi-Family Projects with Keene

    In the competitive world of multi-family living, superior noise control isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. With Keene Building Products leading the way in acoustical innovation, architects and contractors can build with confidence, knowing that they are delivering the highest standards of acoustic comfort to their residents. Say goodbye to noise complaints and hello to peaceful, serene living spaces with Keene's acoustical systems.