• Head-to-Head: A Comparison of Wood Furring and Easy-Fur

    Head-to-Head: A Comparison of Wood Furring and Easy-Fur

    Why work harder when you can work smarter? There is a reason Keene stands behind Easy-Fur™ , because installing Easy Fur simply is just that easy. Still curious to learn why? Let’s take a look into the differences between wood furring and Easy-Fur™.


    When using wood furring, you will have to shim the wood the entire length of the wall just to try to make it equal, but even in this case your siding can turn out warped.

    As for Easy-Fur, the product is perfectly manufactured to be the same exact thickness every time – and it is rollable. This feature of Easy-Fur prevents any possibility of warping in your siding.

    Mold and mildew

    Wood also promotes the growth of mold, mildew, and rot in addition to the chances of warping.

    Easy-Fur is made from plastic and therefore will not promote any sort of mold, mildew, or rot.

    Labor efficiency

    When installing wood furring, the process will involve measuring the furring twice and cutting the furring once. You will have to measure the furring on the wall, also ensuring to cut it to the proper length. This adds time, labor costs, and can lead to imperfections.

    Easy-Fur is manufactured so that all that is involved in installation is to climb up the ladder once, tack it up, and let it roll down the wall. This saves time and money in comparison to having to climb up a ladder, measuring and cutting, and climbing up a ladder again as you would have to with wood furring.

    Drainage & Ventilation Ability

    As an example, when you install wood furring 16 inches on center, that 16 inches will be the only area in which the furring can drain and ventilate. In addition, if you were to install wood horizontally you will not be able to drain and ventilate downwards outside of the wall.

    In comparison, Easy-Fur is the perfect horizontal furring strip application. With this product you will be able to have a fully drainable and ventilated wall. The benefits of this are also contributed to the fact that Easy-Fur is not compartmentalized like wood is.

    Overall, Easy-Fur™ is a product that has allowed ease and efficiency in various installations so far. A main goal at Keene Building Products is to simplify installations as much as possible while also maintaining quality of product that leads to longer lasting homes and building structures. As Building Envelopes Product Manager for Keene, Dan Godfrey says, “It’s not just about being ‘Keene’ on quality; it’s about recognizing that Easy-Fur™ is the future.”

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