• Fast cure and multipurpose

    Are you looking for a fast cure, multipurpose sealant? Well, Keene Building Products has the solution you’ve been searching for…KeeneSeal 100. 


    KeeneSeal 100 is a highly versatile, multipurpose sealant, specially formulated as a single component STPE (silane terminated polyether) sealant. It has been manufactured with a silane end-capped technology that gives it incredible adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. In addition, it is extremely UV stable and possesses quick cure capabilities. KeeneSeal 100 is the newest member to the Keene Building Products ever expanding suite of products. 

    KeeneSeal 100 is used in a wide range of applications from Keene’s Roofing underlayment and VIPER VENT™ products, to a detailing the transition in air barrier assemblies with Keene’s Driwall™Air Weather Barrier HB & HP, extending to KeeneFlash 100 and Keene’s Driwall Membrane 40 and 60 mil self-adhering flashing and waterproofing membrane products. In short, KeeneSeal 100 has been specially formulated and engineered to be your go-to sealant on the modern construction jobsite regardless of where on the building envelope you have a need. Allowing you and you team to have one product fill a wide range of applications.

    Please contact your local Keene Representative to discuss your application.