Program Title: Masonry Cavity Walls, the Original Rainscreen System

    Program Number: DWMC12

    Provider Name: Keene Building Products

    This presentation discusses moisture management in a masonry cavity wall. It will emphasize the importance of maintaining an open airspace within the cavity for proper drainage and ventilation in the wall system. It will provide the means and methods of designing and constructing a clean, unobstructed cavity, which will provide energy efficiency and a better living environment.

    • Review the benefits and principles behind having an open cavity within a masonry wall.
    • Analyze the most common practices in masonry cavity walls detailed with continuous rigid insulation, and identify the potential flaws that can lead to moisture failures.
    • Discuss airspace code and compare the performance of traditional mortar collection materials and full wall masonry drainage materials in cavity walls with rigid insulation and less than two inches of airspace.
    • Establish the best practices for designing and constructing a continuous insulated, well drained, and ventilated masonry cavity wall.

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