• “Driving rain is typically the largest source of moisture for the above-grade building enclosure.  Hence, control of rain penetration and absorption is a fundamental function of the building enclosure, and a major part of its moisture control functions. Despite thousands of years of experience, avoiding rain-related building damage is still one of the most difficult tasks designers and builders face. There are, however, means of providing rain control which are based on both traditional details and modern physical understanding. Regardless of the wall design approach taken, building shape and site design choices can reduce the amount of rain deposited on walls…” To read more, click below!


    BSD-013: Rain Control in Buildings

    Building Science.com

    Building Science Digests

    By: John Straube

    October 31, 2006



    For full article please click here: http://www.buildingscience.com/documents/digests/bsd-013-rain-control-in-buildings/?searchterm=rainscreen


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