• Keene's Entangled Net Driwall™ Rainscreen Products Pass Multiple Wall Assemblies That Require NFPA 285

    Keene Building Products is pleased to announce that our Driwall™ Rainscreen and Easy-Fur™ materials have made recent advances that Reinforce Safety Requirements in buildings 40’ and higher. Keene Building Products has passed the rigorous testing requirements of NFPA 285 with our Driwall Rainscreen Materials. Keene Building Products manufactures Driwall Rainscreen in various sizes and weights and all are compliant in (multiple) wall assemblies where compliance to NFPA 285 is required.

    “NFPA 285 is:  Standard Fire Test Method of Fire Propagation Characteristics of Exterior Wall Assemblies Containing Combustible Components.”

    This means that Keene Driwall Rainscreen(s) can be used in Multiple Wall Assemblies that contain combustible WRB’s in Buildings over 40 ft in height of Type I, II, III and IV construction.

    Keene Building Products has also tested systems with our Driwall Rainscreen materials that also comply with ASTM E119 “Standard Test Method for Fire Test of Building Materials."

    In addition to system testing, we have also performed testing on various components of the wall assembly related to Keene Driwall Rainscreen.

    The testing that has been performed to date is to ensure that our Driwall Rainscreen Products are compliant with the changing building codes, that incorporate the use of a drainage space to allow proper air movement and drying abilities, in addition to being compliant with Continuous Insulation assemblies that are becoming more prevalent across the country.

    Keene Building Products and Driwall Rainscreen Products are on the forefront of product quality, performance, and testing. 


    For a complete copy of the Engineering Evaluations pertaining to Keene Building Products and NFPA 285 please contact Kip Bretting (kb@keenebuilding.com).