• RAiNA – Making the Building World Better One Rainscreen Assembly at a Time

    RAiNA, or the “Rainscreen Association in North America,” is a significant player in construction today as moisture management is one of the top problems within the current industry.

    Founded in January 2020, RAiNA is an international not-for-profit industry association serving the rainscreen market in North America and the leading authority on rainscreen assemblies. The association also helps in providing a forum for designers, trades, test agencies, and material suppliers to connect and communicate. This forum allows each party to ultimately discover best practices, interpret and inform codes, as well as educate and address technical concerns within the industry.

    Keene Building Products’ commitment to RAiNA

    Keene believes that rainscreen is the most important component within every wall system as it results in longer lasting and healthier homes and building structures. The RAiNA organization offers a way to spread awareness for the need for rainscreen within wall systems, and Keene wants to be a part of the cause.

    All RAiNA discussions do not just focus on rainscreen itself, but also on how rainscreen is incorporated into the wall system as a whole. According to Keene Product Manager Dan Godfrey, “RAiNA is not just about rainscreen, it is about the entire wall system that rainscreen takes part in which ultimately leads to better, healthier, longer lasting homes.”


    Dan Godfrey plays an important role in the Keene’s involvement with RAiNA as a part of four of the committees that each meet on a monthly basis. The committees include: Building Codes, Rainscreen Performance, Residential Rainscreen, and Education & Training. Committee monthly meetings include discussing past thoughts, planning for future ideas and goals, determining how the industry can improve, and deciding how to best spread the awareness of rainscreen. Dan also attends RAiNA’s annual event, “RAiNA – Connect & Cultivate.”

    With plenty of new and changing codes within the industry, Keene Building Products strives to remain involved and ahead of the game when it comes to rainscreen. As a member for over 2 years, Keene stands strongly by RAiNA and all that it does.

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