• Empowering Masonry Futures:  Mortar Net Solutions' 2023 Scholarship Recipients

    In a commitment to nurturing skilled masonry professionals, Mortar Net Solutions celebrates its 2023 Mason Apprentice Scholarship program, awarding six deserving apprentices with financial support and essential tools for their burgeoning careers.

    The scholarship is not just about monetary aid; it's a strategic investment in skill, passion, and the future of masonry. To be eligible, apprentices must have at least one year remaining in their apprenticeship and their recommending instructors must be members of the National Masonry Instructors Association.

    Each scholarship includes a 501c3 payment to the training facility, emphasizing Mortar Net's dedication to supporting educational infrastructure. Beyond financial assistance, recipients receive a tool bag with industry-specific tools crucial to their craft, contributing to their professional success.

    The 2023 scholarship winners embody diverse talent and shared dedication to masonry:

    1. Diego Silva-Cook
      1. School: David Crockett High School
      2. Instructor: Mark Good
    2. Hayden Jones
      1. School: Resource Valley Construction Training
      2. Instructor: Joe Matthew
      3. Company: Wasco
    3. Jesse Slusher
      1. School: Clairborne High School
      2. Instructor: Joseph Blanton
    4. Phillip Singleton
      1. School: Clairborne High
      2. Instructor: Dustin Love
      3. Company: G&P Masonry
    5. Kayla Pullins
      1. Company: Curtis Hoover
    6. Maurice Wilson
      1. Company: JJ Interiors

    Visit Mason Apprentice Scholarship | Mortar Net Solutions to see the complete list of winners and learn more about the Apprentice Scholarship Program.

    Mortar Net Solutions takes pride in not only supporting these apprentices but also in shaping the future of the masonry industry. As the scholarship recipients embark on their educational and professional journeys, Mortar Net Solutions remains committed to building a strong foundation for their success and the continued thriving of this ancient craft in the modern world. Congratulations to the 2023 scholars! May your paths in masonry be as enduring as the structures you build.

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