• An All-New Way to Stucco – The Benefits of Rainscreen

    “There are 2 types of stucco – stucco that is cracked, and stucco that will crack.”

    this knowledge, searching for a solution is necessary.

    That solution is Rainscreen.

    What is Rainscreen?

    Rainscreen is one entangled net product with the capability to be used under multiple claddings. It is described as a drainage mat for exterior wall systems. This is the perfect product when you are transitioning between siding. Whether transitioning from stucco to stone, rainscreen can go under them all. Rainscreen is also engineered to perfectly wrap around corners. There is no need to butt at the corners, just continue wrapping.

    Why Rainscreen?

    Rainscreen is easy to install with a cap hammer stapler. Our available products also meet all codes in all zones. Our rainscreen has passed ASTM E2925 & E2273 to meet the codes of greater than 90% drainage capabilities. We have wider rolls for less seams and faster installation, with built-in bug screens for the top & bottom of the wall to avoid infestation. Our product is also the most rigid, meaning we have the best compressive strength out there.

    Benefits of Rainscreen to Stucco

    The main benefit of using rainscreen on stucco siding is that the rainscreen allows drying to both sides of the stucco. It can dry to both the rainscreen gap and the exterior.

    Because stucco is a highly absorptive cladding, if you place stucco flat against a wall without a gap, it will take longer to dry. This longer drying time will lead to more structural problems in the future. Rainscreen speeds up the drying process of stucco because it allows the air to circulate behind the stucco. This circulation & ventilation will help to ultimately remove the water vapor from the wall system. Rainscreen to stucco will greatly lower the chances of future structural problems, overall giving way to a healthier, longer lasting home.

    Overall, rainscreen is one of the highest quality, most efficient products to be used when it comes to dealing with stucco. No one wants damage to their home, especially damage from moisture intrusion that can last long term. The Driwall™ rainscreen lines from Keene Building Products are the highest quality rainscreen products on the market. If you are looking for longevity, quality, and durability, KBP has got you covered.

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