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  • The Secret to a Cylent Solution

    The Secret to a Cylent Solution

    In construction, acoustics is often overlooked due to cost of the products needed to provide a quiet work or living space. The Cylent Assurance Clips solve that issue by significantly lowering the installation cost of acoustically comparable systems without sacrificing performance.

    Learn how the Cylent Assurance Clip outperforms the more costly solutions on the market and its secret to a cylent soltuion in the week's #TheQuietGuy Blog!

  • You Can't Spell "Quarantine" Without #Quiet (Pt. 1)

    You Can't Spell "Quarantine" Without #Quiet (Pt. 1)

    There’s no better reminder of how loud your neighbors can be than when you’re stuck inside during a government-sanctioned quarantine.

    Bowling balls, elephants, the cast of “Stomp” — when you live below another apartment, it can seem like your neighbors are intentionally wreaking havoc on your sleep schedule. Chances are what’s causing the movements of those above you to sound like a conga line full of giants is poor sound attenuation.

    Luckily, #TheQuietGuy is here to offer an explanation for why your neighbor’s dog sounds like it’s on your conference call with you, as well as the solutions available to ensure silence and solidarity in this time of social seclusion.

  • In 2019, the Choice is Yours for RC Channels

    In 2019, the Choice is Yours for RC Channels

    Using Cylent Assurance™ Clips makes the Channel Choice Based on Cost