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  • Don't Short Circuit your Sound Control

    Don't Short Circuit your Sound Control

    One of the biggest and recurring mistakes made in the sound control arena is the short circuiting of resilient channels in the ceiling.  It is easy to do, use of too long a screw, or not taking appropriate care on the drywall ceiling installation can lead to a sound control issue that can easily be avoided. 

    Find out how to avoid these sound issues!

  • Designing for your Audience | A, B, & Luxury

    Designing for your Audience | A, B, & Luxury

    Often the question arises as to what floor ceiling assembly design should be recommended in terms of the best way to control sound. As you can guess, that question is answered with a great deal of variables.


  • The Secret to a Cylent Solution

    The Secret to a Cylent Solution

    In construction, acoustics is often overlooked due to cost of the products needed to provide a quiet work or living space. The Cylent Assurance Clips solve that issue by significantly lowering the installation cost of acoustically comparable systems without sacrificing performance.

    Learn how the Cylent Assurance Clip outperforms the more costly solutions on the market and its secret to a cylent soltuion in the week's #TheQuietGuy Blog!

  • The Consequences of Cutting Corners

    The Consequences of Cutting Corners

    We’ve all been there—whether it’s running late to work, trying to get out in front of the afternoon rush, or even replacing a few words in a text message with an emoji just to save some time. Taking shortcuts is part of our everyday life.

    Construction can relate to this shortcut culture—maybe more than any other trade. With jobs, timing and collectively billions of dollars on the line, speed is key. So, why wouldn’t we take a shortcut at every available opportunity? The advantages of shortcuts are sometimes too tempting to ignore. Unfortunately, the repercussions of them often set us back further than it would if we stayed on the specified path. 

    Look no further to noise control systems for a real-life view of how shortcuts can lead us down the wrong path. In this blog, we take a look at examples of Situations, Shortcuts, Risks, and Solutions.

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  • Space Assurance™ & Acoustical "Social Distancing"

    Space Assurance™ & Acoustical "Social Distancing"

    QUESTION— What do "Soundproofing" and "Social Distancing" have in common?

    ANSWER— A lot more than you might think.

  • You Can't Spell "Quarantine" Without #Quiet (Pt. 1)

    You Can't Spell "Quarantine" Without #Quiet (Pt. 1)

    There’s no better reminder of how loud your neighbors can be than when you’re stuck inside during a government-sanctioned quarantine.

    Bowling balls, elephants, the cast of “Stomp” — when you live below another apartment, it can seem like your neighbors are intentionally wreaking havoc on your sleep schedule. Chances are what’s causing the movements of those above you to sound like a conga line full of giants is poor sound attenuation.

    Luckily, #TheQuietGuy is here to offer an explanation for why your neighbor’s dog sounds like it’s on your conference call with you, as well as the solutions available to ensure silence and solidarity in this time of social seclusion.

  • The Silver Bullet Acoustical Solution (IBS 2020 Presentation)

    The Silver Bullet Acoustical Solution (IBS 2020 Presentation)

    In folklore, silver bullets were the only means for killing werewolves and other spooky creatures. They became a staple as the only thing left in the tracks of the Lone Ranger after riding into town to miraculously thwart evil and save the day. 

    Today, we use the term 'silver bullet' to refer to an action which cuts through complexity and provides an immediate solution to a problem. The allusion is to a miraculous fix, otherwise portrayed as 'waving a magic wand'. 

    Following up on our second live presentations from IBS 2020, our latest blog from #TheQuietGuy explains why our muffling technology has proven itself to be the #SilverBullet of the acoustics industry.

  • Building a Better Sound Trap, Pt. 2 - Creating Resilient Channels

    Building a Better Sound Trap, Pt. 2 - Creating Resilient Channels

    Understanding how to better attenuate sound in multi-family buildings can go a long way towards repeat renters.  Paying close attention to details is critical to the success of creating a quiet environment.

    Once you have a better understanding of how sound travels through walls and barriers, you can begin applying that knowledge with methods for improving sound control...

    In the second part of our two-part blog on building a better sound trap, we offer a solution for improving sound control by creating resilient channels.


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