mixing paint

Cansto Means Specialty Paint

Since 1932, over 100 million gallons of paint and coatings have been manufactured for commercial, industrial and residential needs. Whether industrial, aerosol, enamel, lacquer, latex or acrylic, Cansto’s vast library of formulations will mean fast response in composition and specification matching.

Small & Large Batch Sizes

Our chemists and formulators know the qualities that make paint and coatings work well, apply properly and look amazing. Our process equipment allows us to be very competitive with large and small batch sizes.

mixing paint

The Color Experts

We are experts at color and gloss matching because we manufacture our own colors. Our process of creating color in our batches generates better dispersion of color, better quality, more consistency and improved color developments in our paints.

Cansto Coatings is a diversified manufacturer with capabilities in Specialty Paints, Polymer Floor and Walls, and Automotive.

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